​​Summer Camp
Registration & Schedule

Dr. Lord Elementary School
Osler Elementary School
Carnarvon Elementary School  

555 Lillooet Street
6 - 7 years old - Practices and Games 5 - 6pm
8 - 9 years old - Practices and Games 6 - 7pm
10-11 years old - Practices and Games 7 - 8pm

12-15 years old - Practices and Games 8 - 9pm

5970 Selkirk Street

Tuesday  & Friday
6 - 7 years old - Practices and Games 5 - 6pm
8 - 9 years old - Practices and Games 6 - 7pm
10-11 years old - Practices and Games 7 - 8pm
12-15 years old – Practices and Games 8 - 9pm

Vancouver CENTRAL

3400 Balaclava Street

Monday, Wednesday

6 - 7 years old - Practices and Games 5 - 6pm
8 - 9  years old - Practices and Games 6 - 7pm
10-11 years old - Practices and Games 7 - 8pm
12-15 years old – Practices and Games 8 – 9pm

Vancouver Eagles Youth Basketball

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About us
Vancouver Eagles Youth Basketball is developing male and female basketball players in grades 1-10 through co-ed practices and games.

Basketball is currently the number one sport for elementary aged children. Our goal is to develop their physical and basketball fundamental skills, individual and social skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. Vancouver Eagles is a club where children can develop an appreciation of basketball in a fun and non- threatening environment.

Vancouver Eagles players develop as great individuals and team players.
Our club's primary goal teaches the fundamental basketball skills in a structured, positive and fun environment.

Coaches:  Alex Stokes, Michael Krakovsky, Akio Taniguchi, Kyle McCleery, Simon Krakovsky,

Eric Kasoyage, Simon Li, Jaya Surjadinata, Dragan Strujic.

Web design: Alexey Visokovich.

​​​​​​​​​​​Schedule for 2016-2017 Fall-Winter-Spring-Summer Seasons:

Fall Season: September 19 - December 02, 2016 
Winter Season: January 03 - March 31, 2017
Spring Season: April 03 - June 16, 2017

Summer Camp: July 03 - September 01, 2017

During the school year, when there are Statutory Holidays and DCD (District Closure Days), the Schools are closed. Therefore the Gym is not available for the practices and games on the following dates: TBD

At time of Registration, print and keep your Vancouver Eagles tax receipts for each season.
We do not have duplicates.

Basketball Grants for Players!

Vancouver Eagles Youth Basketball helps families to “remove the financial obstacles that prevent some children from playing basketball”. 
​We must receive a copy of your application for the grant before you submit it.
See our rules page for Vancouver Eagles grant policy.

Summer Camp: July 03- September 01, 2017 
Starting Monday July 31 all Summer Camp Teams
​start their practice 30 min earlier.

Please press Register button to see full schedule and options.

​Early Bird Registration for Fall Season (Sept 18 - December 01)

begins August 01, 2017.

Players who registered before September 05, 2017 receive a Free Vancouver Eagles Basketball.