Vancouver Eagles is a proud Member of Basketball BC                               and Steve Nash League

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Vancouver Eagles Youth Basketball is a member of Basketball BC and a Steve Nash Youth Basketball league for developing male and female basketball players in grades 1-10

Basketball is currently the number one sport for elementary aged children. Our goal is to develop their physical and basketball fundamental skills, individual and social skills, teamwork and sportsmanship. Vancouver Eagles is a club where children can develop an appreciation of basketball in a fun and non- threatening environment. We achieve this goal in Vancouver Youth Basketball Club Eagles training program and by participating in Basketball BC and Steve Nash Youth Leagues programs.

Vancouver Eagles players develop as great individuals and team players. All of Vancouver Eagles teams are members of Basketball BC. The curriculum program that Vancouver Eagles coaches use is consistent with the Steve Nash Youth Basketball program.

Our club fully adopts and complies with the Steve Nash Youth Basketball Program codes of conduct for administrators, coaches, players, parents, and spectators. Our club's primary goal teaches the fundamental basketball skills in a structured, positive and fun environment.

Coaches:  Alexander Stokes, Michael Krakovsky, Akio Taniguchi, Kyle McCleery, Simon Krakovsky,  Eric Kasoyage, Noah Croom, Simon Li. 

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Schedule for 2015-2016 Fall-Winter-Spring Seasons:

Fall Season: September 21 - December 07, 2015 
Winter Season: January 04 - April 01, 2016 
Spring Season: April 04 - June 17, 2016 

Summer Camp: July 04  - August 28, 2016 

During the school year, when there are Statutory Holidays and DCD (District Closure Days), the Schools are closed. Therefore the Gym is not available for the practices and games on the following dates: Friday May 20, 2016 - DCD and Monday May 23, 2016 - Victoria Day.

Children's Fitness Tax Credit
Starting with the 2007 tax year, the Government of Canada allows a non-refundable tax credit based on eligible fitness expenses paid by parents to register a child in a prescribed program of physical activity. Please receive and keep your Vancouver Eagles tax receipts for each season.

To find out more about the Children's Fitness Tax Credit

Basketball Grants for Players!

Vancouver Eagles Youth Basketball helps families to “remove the financial obstacles that prevent some children from playing basketball”. Grants are given to children whose families cannot afford the sport registration fees and would otherwise not be able to participate in a basketball season. In order to receive a grant, please give us a call, so we can facilitate the process to apply and to receive a grant for the child.

​​​Check website for updates/additional Games posted on Games Page.

Summer Camp (July 04- August 28)  

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Fall Season Early Bird Registration starts August 01, 2016.

555 Lillooet Street
6 - 7 years old - Practices and Games 5 - 6pm
8 - 9 years old - Practices and Games 6 - 7pm
10-11 years old - Practices and Games 7 - 8pm

12-15 years old - Practices and Games 8 - 9pm

6350 Tisdall Street

Tuesday  & Friday
6 - 7 years old - Practices and Games 5 - 6pm
8 - 9 years old - Practices and Games 6 - 7pm
10-11 years old - Practices and Games 7 - 8pm
12-15 years old – Practices and Games 8 - 9pm

Vancouver CENTRAL

3400 Balaclava Street

Monday, Wednesday

6 - 7 years old - Practices and Games 5 - 6pm
8 - 9  years old - Practices and Games 6 - 7pm
10-11 years old - Practices and Games 7 - 8pm
12-15 years old – Practices and Games 8 – 9pm

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