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Summer Camp
Registration & Schedule

Carnarvon Elementary School

3400 Balaclava Street​

Monday & Thursday 

6 - 8 years old - Practices and Games 5 - 6pm
9 - 10 years old - Practices and Games 6 - 7pm
10-11 years old - Practices and Games 7 - 8pm
11-15 years old – Practices and Games 8 - 9pm

Vancouver West

Vancouver Eagles Youth Basketball

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8. Offensive Movement without the Ball

•    Direct cut to ball, V-cut, L-cut

•    Setting pick, using picks

9. Defensive Stance

10. Defensive Footwork

•    Slide step

•    Attack and retreat step

•    Drop step

11. Guarding the Player with the ball

•    Dribbler defense

•    Dead ball defense

•    Defending the shot

12. Guarding the Player without the ball

•    Deny defense

•    Helpside defense

•    Defending the screen

4. Receiving

•    Catching

5. Passing

•    Chest Pass: Stationary target, Non Stationary target

•    Bounce Pass: Stationary, Non-stationary

•    Overhead Pass: Stationary, Non-stationary

6. Rebounding
•    Jump

•    Box out position

•    Defensive

•    Offensive

7. Individual Offensive Moves

•    Direct drive to the basket

•    Rocker move

•    Jab-step and go, Crossover step

•    Shot-fake and Jump shot

•    Post-up position

•    Post square-up and shoot

•    Post drop-step move

1. Footwork Fundamentals:

•    Basketball position

•    Quick start, Quick stop,

Jump stop, Stride stop

•    Pivot: forward, reverse

•    Defensive Slide

2. Dribbling Fundamentals:

•    Stationary Dribble, Dominant Hand, Non-dominant Hand, Alternating Hands.

•    Control Dribble

•    Speed Dribble

•    Crossover Dribble

•    Change of pace

•    Reverse

•    Behind the back

•    Between the legs

3. Shooting

•    Lay up: Stationary dominant hand, Non dominant hand

•    Lay up: Non Stationary dominant hand, Non dominant hand

•    Set shot

•    Jump shot

•    Free throw: 7-8 feet rim, 8-9 feet rim, 9-10 feet rim, 10 feet rim

Izayah Zeid Mohamedali Scholarship Fund

Vancouver Eagles Youth Basketball Club has established two scholarship funds for a deserving child whose parents cannot afford to pay the registration fee and who would like to practice and play on the Eagles Team. These perpetual scholarships are offered each season to a deserving child.

This Scholarship Fund is established in loving memory of our dear friend, a brilliant young boy Izayah Zeid Mohamedali (December 23, 1997 - May 02, 2003) who started to practice and play basketball when he was 3 years old. Unfortunately a rare cancer prevented Izayah from reaching his path to excellence. However, we his friends would like his spirit to live on with us and help other kids.

Scholarships will go to a child playing out of Trafalgar, Kitchener, Van Horne, Dr. Lord and Jamieson Elementary Schools.

Representatives of the Vancouver Eagles Basketball, the Principals of the aforementioned schools together along with Izayah’s parents make the final decision to whom to award these special scholarships.

Please contact the registrar of the club in order to get a Scholarship Application Form.


We know that it takes 10-12 years to prepare an international caliber basketball player. In our club, the basketball curriculum is based on 2 hours of practice per week and regular games or tournaments. We realize that not all players from the Vancouver Eagles Basketball  become professional athletes however we strongly believe that all our Eagles  players will love to play basketball for life!

Players learn how to run properly, have great flexibility, superior physical conditioning, excellent basketball fundamental skills, and exceptional coordination. In two words, our players have: fundamental preparation.

Vancouver Eagles Youth Basketball  players develop a great friendship with their teammates and great sportsmanship with players from other leagues and clubs.

Our professional coaches give equal opportunities to all Vancouver Eagles Basketball players to develop their skills and participate equally in games and tournaments.

In our club there are 4 seasons: fall, winter, spring and summer.

Fall Season: September 18 – December 01, 2017
Winter Season: January 03 – March 31, 2017          
Spring Season: April 03 – June 16, 2018
Summer Camp: July 03 – September 01, 2018

Practices take place once, twice a week or more depending on the player’s choice.

Each practice lasts a full hour and consists of:

1.    Warm up. General fitness.

2.    Warm up with ball handling

3.    Working on players fundamentals skills

4.    Basketball combinations

5.    Game/Scrimmage

During practice time players learn:

(Depending on the age of the player, there is a different level of difficulty for the practice and different expectations of performance for each individual player)


1166 West 14 Avenue

6 - 8 years old - Practices and Games 5 - 6pm
9 -10 years old - Practices and Games 6 - 7pm
10-13 years old - Practices and Games 7 - 8pm

Osler Elementary School
​​​Dr. Lord Elementary School

555 Lillooet Street
6 - 8 years old - Practices and Games 5 - 6pm
9 - 10 years old - Practices and Games 6 - 7pm
10-11 years old - Practices and Games 7 - 8pm

11-15 years old - Practices and Games 8 - 9pm

Vancouver CENTRAL 

​​L'Ecole Bilingue  Elementary 

  vancouver north east

5970 Selkirk Street

Tuesday & Friday 
6 - 8 years old - Practices and Games 5 - 6pm
9 - 10 years old - Practices and Games 6 - 7pm
10-11 years old - Practices and Games 7 - 8pm
11-15 years old – Practices and Games 8 - 9pm